Fawn & Deer Revival™

Critical Care for Cervids

fawn-deer-revivalWhen fawns get sick, fast action is necessary to help avoid costly death loss.  Fawn & Deer Revival™ is designed to provide rapid support to the critically ill fawn and aid in the fight to survive.

Fawn & Deer Revival is a specifically formulated combination of proven technologies, including ImmWave®, Encrypt®, targeted egg proteins, micro-encapsulated bacteria, Vitamin B complex and Vitamin D3.  This all-natural paste targets harmful pathogens in the gut and delivers components directly into the bloodstream, enhancing the response of the immune system to jump-start recovery.

Contains ImmWave, a novel technology that provides potent, select milk proteins designed to give an immediate boost to the immune system and aid in the fight to survive.

In addition, Fawn & Deer Revival can be used post-tranquilization to help speed recovery and as an aid during times of stress or illness.

Fawn & Deer Revival comes in a convenient 15 gm dial-a-dose tube offering easy dosing flexibility for fawns, young and adult deer.

**Encrypt & ImmWave are registered trademarks of Daniel Baum Co Inc, dba DBC Ag Products