Enteric Health Formula

entericStress can have a significant negative impact on the health of your deer, and unfortunately it is unavoidable.   Head Gear Enteric Health Formula is designed to support the digestive system and bolster the immune system during those times, as well as any situation when disease strikes.

Enteric Health Formula is a specifically formulated combination of new and proven technologies, including Encrypt®, targeted egg proteins, specially formulated digestive enzymes, prebiotics, and micro-encapsulated beneficial bacteria.  This all-natural top dress formula aids in offsetting the negative impact of unanticipated and anticipated stress.

Enteric Health Formula Contains The Following Features and Benefits


  • Aids in inhibiting growth of pathogens, including cryptosporidia, and absorbs harmful toxins
  • Helps reduce gut pH, creating a less favorable environment for digestive pathogens that can cause scours

Advanced Targeted Egg Proteins

  • Targets harmful disease-causing pathogens

Specially Selected Enzyme Blend

  • Increases nutrient digestibility and facilitates digestion during times of stress

Beneficial Lactic Acid Producing Bacteria

  • Establishes healthy gut flora and helps maintain intestinal balance
  • Helps improve intestinal health and metabolic activity
  • Micro-encapsulated to protect beneficial bacteria from stomach acid and bile


  • Provides a food source to the healthy bacteria to support re-colonization of the gut

Yucca Schidigera

  • Aids in controlling harmful ammonia in the digestive system