DeerZyme Premixes

Product Summary

walbash_croppedDeerZyme premixes are available in two convenient formulations for blending the enzymes into your feed ration.  We offer a farm pack and a mill pack, depending on your specific needs and blending capability.


Mill Pack contains Enzymes, Antler D and BuckSweet

  • Allows you to get the benefits of our ingredients without  significant changes to your current feeding program
  • Used by feed mills as an additive to your present ration
  • Talk to one of our consultants to help balance your Vitamin D levels
  • Inclusion rate is 5 lbs per ton of feed.

Farm Pack contains Enzymes and BuckSweet

  • Designed for farmers and ranchers that mix their own feed and do not wish to, or have the ability to, adjust the Vitamin D levels in their current components.
  • Antler D is available separately, if desired
  • Inclusion rate is 5 lbs per ton of feed.

Note: Vitamin D, like other fat-soluble vitamins and trace minerals, can be toxic if fed at excess levels.  Extreme care should be given when determining proper levels of these ingredients in your feed ration and feeding program.