DeerZyme™ Mineral

Product Summary

DeerZyme Mineral was developed by deer nutritionists and animal scientists to provide the optimal balance of minerals to meet a deer’s needs. Packaged in 5 and 25 lb bags.

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mineral_buckMaking a Deer Lick

  • Select a site within 10 feet of a well-used deer trail or crossing.  Preferably, the site should be in close proximity to a good water supply.
  • Clear an area, 6-8 feet in diameter, of all leaves and woody debris.
  • Using a shovel, dig up soil in center of clearing.  Loosen soil at a depth of 6-8 inches.
  • Remove some of the dirt.
  • Pour approximately 10 lbs of DeerZyme Mineral into the depression & loosened soil.
  • Mix DeerZyme Mineral and loose soil thoroughly.
  • A very small amount of feed may be placed on top of the soil to attract deer more quickly to the site.
  • Freshen with approximately 5 lbs each month.

Provide the Benefits of DeerZyme at your Mineral Lick

  • DeerZyme Enzyme Blend maximizes nutritional value of anything the deer eats
  • Antler D optimizes calcium and phosphorous utilization for antler growth and lactation
  • BuckSweet makes it irresistible
  • DeerZyme Mineral is highly attractive to deer
  • Please be sure to observe local and state game laws.