DeerZyme™ is an advanced blend of many naturally-occurring enzymes developed by animal scientists and nutritionists to maximize nutrient utilization in deer.

Even in the highest quality feedstuffs, and especially in native browse, there are nutrients that do not get digested and simply pass through the deer.  These undigested nutrients provide no benefit to the animal or its rumen microbes.  DeerZyme releases these nutrients, making them available to meet your deer’s nutritional needs.

DeerZyme is designed to:

  • Maximize overall condition of deer in each stage of development
  • Increase antler mass and length
  • Increase calcium and phosphorus utilization
  • Decrease time to skeletal and muscular maturity
  • Aid in fetal development of fawns
  • Increase both milk production and quality of milk during lactation

DeerZyme is free of hormones, antibiotics and steroids.  Research shows that DeerZyme increases fiber, protein and starch digestion, while increasing microbial protein production.

DeerZyme maximizes the nutritional value of anything the deer eats!


Antler D™ is a unique bio-available form of Vitamin D.  Unlike Vitamin Dsupplements, Antler D does not have to be processed in the liver after ingestion and absorption.  This provides a more direct and available source of Vitamin D3 in the blood serum.  The increased bio-availability of Antler D also improves bone metabolism, productivity and overall health.  Because Antler D bypasses the liver, it is not affected by hepatic disorders, meaning that the active metabolites created in the kidneys are available to the deer very soon after ingestion.


Benefits of Antler D

  • Improves bone mineralization
  • Optimizes calcium and phosphorous utilization
  • Improves bone strength and growth
  • Aids in antler growth
  • Bone mass is maintained longer
  • Fewer skeletal problems
  • Greater weight gain and improved feed conversion
  • Component of proper immune cell function

Studies have shown that ruminants with proper amounts of Vitamin D have increased fertility over ruminants with a deficiency.


BuckSweet™ is an innovative, proprietary sweetener and attractant developed by deer nutritionists after extensive research on the most effective attractants and flavoring agents.  It was determined to be more effective than apple, peanut, persimmon and acorn  flavorings that are so attractive to humans.  Deer cannot resist BuckSweet!

encrypt%20logoEncrypt® is a unique proprietary product that has been proven to reduce Cryptosporidium in cattle and Salmonella in poultry.  Head Gear uses Encrypt primarily in health products for fawns. However, it can also be used to help resolve enteric health problems in adult animals.  It has antimicrobial properties that create a hostile environment for pathogens and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract.  By promoting the growth of lactic-acid-producing bacteria, Encrypt improves the balance of the deer’s microflora, which aids in preventing enteric infections and bolstering the immune system.

Encrypt’s two primary components are a soft carbon powder and wood vinegar liquid.  It also contains 280 organic ingredients, including various co-enzyme groups.  Approximately 60% of the ingredients in Encrypt are weak organic acids.  These acids have a strong antiseptic, deodorizing and insecticidal effect.